Do you know, I wrote things that I have to fix in to my notebook. In total it took 2 pages.



Do you know in school our computer teacher told us a new website about programing and doing game and today I finished my game. It called “Scratch Football” But I wrote it Turkish. So if  you’re an user of scratch, please follow me.

My name is: efesuner


Did you ever used Macromedia Flash 8? We’re learning it at school. It is very fun and I have Project in my mind for themashchat. I’ll do an animation and put it here. I’m not going to talk about it because I want it to be a suprise for my followers.


We have learned codes in computer and they are very fun. We’re doing it on: This website’s founders are: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s founder and also Jack Dorsey. I think they done a good job, because everybody in the World can learn how to do program a computer or some thing else. And I think this site does this well.